Developing “Creative learning processes” in education system has high priority in the municipality. A steering committee of decision makers consisting of the head of cultural administration, the head of school sector (children & youth administration) and the head of Södermöre district administration will secure that project results in terms of methods & pedagogical ideas will be integrated in the school system after the project. The local arena for “Creative learning processes” will be a good tool for multiplication of projects effects in other schools, just as the online resource centre and bilateral staff exchanges.

Riksteater is organised as national NGO who besides the performance sector recognises school education as one of their main tasks. They host a well established national network organising theatre productions in schools, teacher trainings and school development projects throughout the country. Riksteatern closely cooperates with universities on teacher and school leader trainings regarding creative learning processes. Cooperating with regional institutions they reach a broad target group with their educational activities. Riksteater brings their extensive experience in organising creative learning processes into the partnership of CreatLearn. Based on their online platform “School Scene” containing the collected know-how and teaching material they will steer the development of the CreatLearn Resource Centre.  

Klaipeda District Municipality contributes to the project’s objectives with a joint district school project on creative learning processes involving Municipal Education Department and Centre, five schools and three leisure centres into a theatre production on the common theme “Civil Courage”. Klaipeda will share the gained know-how via the online resource centre, partner meetings, teacher trainings and other planned multiplication and dissemination activities. The co-operation in CreatLearn offers them new input on creative pedagogical tools, the opportunity to establish close network contacts and competence building in education sector. Klaipeda will establish bilateral students and teachers exchange with Kalmar Region and actively participate in the social media communication on creative education approach.

The City of Rostock participates as city partner in CreatLearn in order to benefit from an international know-how exchange on creative learning processes. The City involves municipal schools from disadvantaged housing area (Lichtenhagen) and a music school into the project partnership to implement pilot projects on instrumental education within the school curriculum over two years time. They contribute to the partnership with their know-how on such a continuous cooperation regarding organisation as well as pedagogical tools. Students and teachers will take part in bilateral school class exchanges with Guldborgsund / DK. Rostock also invites the partners to take part in the memorial festival in Lichtenhagen, planned in 2012 on the occasion of the 20th centenary of the arson attack on the asylum-seeker home. The festival shall set a sign against racism and stands up for the common theme of all planned classroom projects: Civil Courage.

Bad Doberan is a very active and experienced partner in EU-funded measures to develop their region in all aspects determining future competitiveness. The Regional Council involves the Regional School Authority and four of its schools for pilot implementation projects. They will establish a close co-operation with AO 2 – an artists’ network organisation – to generate creative learning processes in various classroom projects combining different school subjects. Participating students and teachers will get into cross-border interaction via social media and other internet channels. With the gained experience, tools, methods and results they will actively contribute to the partnerships’ resource centre, the crossborder partner network meetings, South BSR teacher trainings, promotion and dissemination activities. Bad Doberan will as C 3 leader coordinate the joint work of implementing show cases on reforming school education according to the needs of modern society.

Guldborgsund involves three schools and two culture NGOs into the partnership – due to Danish administrational structures as associated partners. They will implement the classroom projects in Östsjaelands Region thus contributing to the university research on the impacts of such arts-school cooperation. The CreatLearn partnership will benefit from their long lasting experience on creative learning processes which they will provide at partner meetings, South BSR teacher trainings, the joint online resource centre and other multiplication activities. Guldborgsund will gain new inputs on creating inspiring learning processes from the cross-border exchange. This cooperation shall give students the opportunity to develop their creative potentials at school, where arts & culture education currently ends at the age of 14. Bilateral exchanges are planned with Rostock schools. Guldborgsund will as C4 leader coordinate the planned activities and secure the transferability of all results.

Linaeus University supports our project activities with scientific back-up. The School of Education, Psychology and Sport Science will contribute to the project with their expertise in the field of creative learning processes which result from research studies and their pedagogical practice in teacher education and further skill training. It has thereby direct influence on the education of the next teacher generation. The University will support, oversee and evaluate our planned classroom projects and thus create a deeper understanding and new knowledge in the field of creative learning environments. This will directly benefit theirTeacher Education and will give new input to further research in this field. Linnaeus University will support the project partners in implementation and evaluation of the pilot classroom projects and set up guidelines for further implementation of creative education into school curricula.