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Utmaningar och vägval – om modet att förändra
A  report by Birgitta E. Gustafsson from Linnaeus university on two swedish schools working with CreatLearn – a culture project on the topic civil courage


Handbuch für Lehrer

Contents of the handbook for teachers
This handbook is targeted at teachers from Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. It is a collection of CreatLearn school project experiences, creative learning tools and methods on how to teach the topic civil courage in creative ways. These are completed with contact details and various offers from artists who are open for cooperation projects with school classes and NGOs who deal with the topic civil courage everyday. Their daily life is creative education and they all have the same target. They want to encourage students and foster their self-confidence by not teaching them in their everyday school life BUT teaching them in a creative way, taking them to different learning environments or come into school and support teachers in a different way of teaching. This handbook is a practical toolkit giving teachers hints for hands-on activities with their pupils and tips on who they could cooperate with from outside the school. It also includes contact information of the involved schools from Denmark, Lithuania and Sweden for possible school exchanges.

Artists in Creative Education

The international project Artists in Creative Education has focused on using artists and cultural activities to unlock creativity in children and young people in schools. Artists in Creative Education is to create a transnational guide for artists to work in primary schools, with a particular emphasis upon developing the skills and understanding necessary to work creatively in schools in disadvantaged areas.

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Reports and Presentations

Youth Empowerment Programs for Improving Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem of Adolescents Matthew Morton & Paul Montgomery

Governments, funders, and charity organizations increasingly demand that young people be involved in the processes that affect their lives and communities. Youth empowerment programs (YEPs) are designed to build on the assets of young people through a focus on active participation, mastery experiences, and positive connections in order to improve developmental outcomes and positive transitions to adulthood. Proponents of YEPs suggest that they may constitute an effective, theory-based approach to youth development. To report the state of the high-quality evidence on the impacts of YEPs on adolescents’ (ages 10-19) sense of self-efficacy and self-esteem, as well as other social and behavioral outcomes. To determine if the available evidence indicates best practices among YEPs or differential effects according to particular subgroups of adolescents. To identify directions for further research.

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Etnisk X-Faktor Why Diversity Matters!

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The Ladder of Participation