Expert pool

Weblinks to recommended culture workers/experts involved in the project:


Culture experts from Kalmar
Byteatern – Kalmar läns teater/Kalmar County Theatrer
Experts on Forum Theatre, mask making, pedagogic work with children with focus on creativity, using theater and music.
Contacts: Anna-Greta Larsson, Daniel Rylander

Kalmar Läns Museum/The Kalmar County Museum
Experts on pedagogic work, special Time Travel method, with interactive participation by students and grownups, using the historic parallel for discussing topics of todays.
Contact: Ebbe Westergren

Kalmar Konstmuseum/Kalmar Art Museum
Experts on connecting art and artists to pedagogic work with children.
Contact: Anneli Berglund

Reaktor Sydost/Reaktor SouthEast
Experts on pedagogic work in film and media for young people.
Contact: Ida Qvarnström

Culture experts from Klaipeda

Renata Valcik/Artist/Scenographer

Ruta Bunikyte/Art Director

Gintautas Litinskas
Sound director and arranger, composer and song performer, film producer, manager of sound recording studio “Studijofonas”

Culture experts from Rostock County Council

Culture experts from Rostock:
Manja Lange/ music teacher ,
Franziska Pfaff/headmaster of music school”Carl Orff”, franziska
Gerald Tuschner/ headmaster of “Schulcampus Evershagen”,
Jakob Przemus/ musik teacher,


Culture experts from Denmark
Trainer: Gill Dowsett, e-mail:

Dance-Trainer (hip-hop): Francisco “Pako” Almeida, e-mail:
Trainer (music, songwriting) & facilitator Richardt Nielsen (DK), e-mail:
Trainer (African Percussion) Didier Pajot (FR), e-mail:
Trainer (puppetry & Origami Theatre) Eugenia Barbu, e-mail:

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