Aim and outcomes

CreatLearn partners want to demonstrate interfaces, opportunities & experiences that have potential for meeting the changing educational expectations and produce good practices on cooperation, methods & teaching tools and research results. The Objectives of the project is:

  • To improve teacher skills – enabling them to lead & learn in a changing world
    requiring constantly improving skill sets
  • To develop inspiring environments for learning (classroom show cases) /To improve
    learners’ & teachers’ creativity, motivation, achievements & attitude towards lifelong learning
  • To generate verified best practices & arguments for decision makers on improving school education
  • To foster open-minded interdisciplinary cooperation of
    all stakeholder groups.
  • To secure durability of the results by wide dissemination, multiplication in South BSR and participationof decision makers & researchers in project activities

Expected results:

  • Cross-border cooperation network for constant exchange on creative education in formal & non-formal learning institutions of South BSR
  • Open-access collection of inspiring teaching tools & best practices at online resource centre
  • A vivid know-how exchange via facebook groups & other social media linked to online resource centreSouth-Baltic expert pool on creative education
  • Teacher trainings on South Baltic level, multiplied on regional level
  • Pilot classroom projects
  • Inspired teachers & decision makers acting as multiplicators at education conferences, teacher platforms & trainings, joint inspiration book
  • Established network between schools of South-BSR for further cooperation on school projects, class exchanges, staff exchanges, etc.

– all being initials to change mind-sets of students, teachers, school
management, artists