CreatLearn is a two year EU-project within the South Baltic program with partners from Guldborgsund-Denmark, Klaipeda-Lithuania, Rostock-Germany and Kalmar-Sweden.The aim of the project is to develop methods for using culture in schools to reach learning objectives. Pupils, teachers and culture experts have been working together with film, theatre, music, art and other cultural expressions focused on the common theme civil courage.

One way to make students’ voices heard and to share learning from the project is the postcard campaign going on right now with the message below. The cards, which show images from all parties and student voices from all countries will be sent to 100s of politicians and other decision makers dealing with school issues to show the strength of the project and the internationalization of all cooperation.

Pupils voices on CreatLearn:

“To learn in a different way means thinking in a different way.”

”We have experienced, that we can communicate about serious topics in various new

languages: Art and German.”

“The world is colourful – together we are strong.”

“Funny life goes on at school – it‘s a great pleasure to learn together and take part in

favourite activities, especially when teachers understand and help us.”

The project will be summarized in a joint inspiration book with toolkits, to be used by teachers, school leaders, politicians and other stakeholders. The inspiration book will be distributed digitally, along with the project’s fourth and last newsletter in December 2013. Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn more about how art and culture can contribute to learning!

Get more information about the project on the website: or contact project leader Björn Samuelsson,

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