About CreatLearn

21st century requires the diverse talents of all people, realising their full potential to develop creative answers to complex problems. We need new approaches in education based on a broader conception of ability, promoting motivation and self-esteem, creative skills and individual aptitudes. CreatLearn is a South Baltic cooperation of 5
municipalities, their education administrations & pilot schools, art & culture NGOs, university and the UBC Commission on Education testing & implementing creative learning environments.

The objective of the CreatLearn project is to improve skills of teachers in South BSR – enabling them to lead and learn in a world requiring constantly improving skill sets

  • To foster open-minded interdisciplinary cooperation in key actors & target groups
  • To develop inspiring learning environments in interdisciplinary class room projects
  • To increase the motivation &  achievement of students and their attitude towards lifelong learning
  • To enhance the creative vitality of South BSR as centre of international excellence in regional development and as attractive place to work and live

Results: Community partnerships enriching creative education in schools around South BSR

  • Tools & methods to enhance creative & entrepreneurial skills in students & teachers
  • Good practice classroom projects as show cases & their evaluation
  • State of the art research & handbook on creative education
  • South-Baltic cross-border teacher trainings, multiplied on regional level
  • A lasting platform for interactive know-how exchange for  teachers & school administrations in South BSR
  • Verified arguments for reforming education policy (bottom-up approach) – spread around South BSR– all being initials to change mind-sets of students, teachers, school managements, decision makers